Repair or Replace my R3000?

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Re: Repair or Replace my R3000?

Robert A wrote:

I understand that the 3880 has been around a while and it may be replaced soon. Are there any upcoming trade shows this fall where Epson has historically made product announcements? How about PhotoPlus in NY?

The only upgrade that I could imagine would require a complete chasis redesign. WOuld it be called a PRO 3900?

WOuld it have Roll feed??? Possibly. There is already a rear feeder which would only require a cheap outboard roll holder similar to those on the 13" printers and a rewrite to the driver.

Woul;d it be an Ink upgrade? Well the only real upgrade would be either a jump to HDR inks maybe adding Green and Orange. I would also love to see an additional Gloss Optimizer Cart added. How about a ten channel head so there is no black swoping!!!! Just like on the 8 channel R2000/R1900.
If you add O, G, and GLOP plus individual MK and PK you would need a 12 channel head. A large price increase.

Would this head be as clog free as the current 3800 and 3880? Or would "stink on ice" as the one on the 4900.

Lots of options and possibilties. But I really do not see any new 39XX series anytime soon or even a 3890. What ever that would be.


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