If you have children and don't want them photographed...

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If you have children and don't want them photographed...

Read the following scenario and then choose your most likely response from the poll options

You have taken your kids to a public place, such as a park, a beach, a public pool, a festival, etc., to enjoy the weekend. The venue is not densely crowded, and there are a few people, including myself, taking photographs. I am alone and am unobtrusively photographing other people at the venue, as well as some non-human subjects. You then see me turn my mirrorless camera toward you and your kids and take a few photos from 10-15 feet away. As I turn to my next subject, you approach me and ask me politely to please not photograph you or your kids, and I just as politely inform you that this is a public place and I will take pictures at my own discretion. A few minutes later, I take a few more photos of you and your kids. How do you respond?

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Call the police and report my actions
26.8% 48  votes
Physically harass me - put your hands on me or my gear, knowing I will probably resist
5.6% 10  votes
Verbally harass me - shout out insults and profanity at me, knowing others, including your kids, will hear you and scrutinize your behavior.
6.1% 11  votes
Take your kids and leave the immediate area where I am taking photographs
29.6% 53  votes
Stay in the area and ignore my unobtrusive photography
19.0% 34  votes
Other (please specify in the thread)
12.8% 23  votes
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