Nikon V1 Modifications

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Nikon V1 Modifications

Greetings all,

Long-time lurker, first-time poster here, and I want to share the modifications I’ve made to my V1. Shortly after buying my first V1 I ran into many of the odd design “decisions” that Nikon made. While patiently waiting for Nikon to update the firmware, I started working on the hardware side of things.

I’ve thoroughly tested my mods over the course of about a year and 15K+ photos and I’m quite happy with all of them. Detailed in the photos below are my hacks, using Sugru ( involving things like:

- A collar around the control dial. This doesn’t cause friction with the dial, rather it causes friction with my finger while spinning the dial, making it much less prone to jump around and miss the setting I’m going for.

- Raised “OK” and “MENU” buttons, makes ‘em easier to find when the camera is to my eye, and makes me less likely to move the control dial when hitting the “OK” button.

- A collar around the mode dial. Again, this mod doesn’t create friction on the dial itself, but creates a recess that the dial sits in. Gentle pressure with the pad of the thumb is more than enough to change the dial (as so many of us have found) and the collar makes it impossible to change accidentally.

- A thumb rest below the “F” button to prevent accidentally pressing it. It’s not like the button does anything anyway

- A slightly raised shutter release, making it easier to “squeeze” the shutter with little added camera motion.

- A bead around the edge of the screen protector, keeps the edges from snagging on things and lifting off.

- A few small blobs on the hotshoe cover to keep it in place.

- Ridges above and below the eyepiece for a removable DK-19 eyecup

- and finally a small ridge on the Franiec stick-on grip

I have a 2nd V1 that I’m modifying even more heavily and I’ll post some pics of it if it survives testing . . .

Oh, also, the tape over the logo is just my attempt to channel some of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s timing for that Decisive Moment.

Feedback is always appreciated.

- N8

P.S. I forgot to mention, the hand-strap is hand sewn from an original neck-strap.

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