X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Re: X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

I agree that they do compete against each other and it looks like the M & A models have the same sensor. I believe its the same 16 MP Sony sensor used by NEX6 and the X-E1.

They just have a different Colour Array Filter (CFA) in front of the Sony sensor.

So what reason does Fuji make for the price difference? Is the X-Trans CFA that much better? What happens if it turns out the A model doesn't have an AA-filter? Does the whole reason for the X-Trans CFA disappear?

And if you are right that at that entry level - they don't care about the sensor inside - why would someone move up to the M model for the extra money?

Fun times ahead.

Sal18 wrote:

The M and the A are going to compete with each other, and what exactly distinguishes the A from all the Sonys and Olys out there? And at the entry level, who knows or cares what sensor is inside? THis just seems a strange marketing decision to me.


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