Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Real innovators don't listen to their customers!

ragspix wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

Real innovators don't listen to their customers!

Look at Steve Jobs for example - did he listen to customers asking for the iPhone? or the iPad? or even the iPod or iTunes? No.

Because he had a vision about where technology was going.

Did Dyson ask customers if they wanted vacuum cleaners with swirl vortices!

Did Henry Ford ask customers what they wanted in a Model T? Of course not!

Did Honda ask Triumph and Norton customers if they really needed a four cylinder 750 motorbike? Nah!

Great inventions never come out of customer clinics - committees only make camels.

What camera manufacturers ( Canon, Nikon etc ) are afraid to do is embrace the digital age. They are very conservative and their customer base is conservative. They are scared of cannibalising sales by being innovative. What they fail to realise is if they don't seize the opportunity their competitors surely will!

Electronics manufacturers on the other hand like Sony and Samsung are happy to innovate and test new ideas and products - what they have lacked so far is the razor sharp vision to push their ideas and products so far ahead of the competition that they annihilate them - it still might happen....after all Apple is arguably the biggest camera brand in the world....

And when they did listen, look what happened to the "New" coke...


But that's not really listening to the customer at all, it's listening to market researchers with stats and numbers. It's listening to potential customers. Potential customers aren't customers.

Just like Nikon, Canon and Pentax have all three been listening to the needs of what they thought would be their potential customers instead of aiming their new mirrorless systems at their actual customers. The lukewarm reception to all three of their mirrorless systems has proved this wasn't the best course of action . Their actual customers for any new mirrorless system should have been their existing customers who already owned their other lenses, speedlights and heavy DSLRs. Only the FT-1 comes close to addressing this.

Anyway, Steve Jobs did indeed listen to the users when it came to the iPhone. From the outset he fiercely resisted independent apps as part of his vision, but eventually succumbed to the enormous pressure and so the App Store was born and they never looked back.

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