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sgoldswo wrote:

I enjoy photography but I've not adverse to making life harder for myself in order to enjoy the experience of photography, which is, to me, at least as important as the resultant stills. I recently discovered the joys of MF AI-S lenses (in particular the 50mm F1.2 and 35 F1.4) which has lead me to order the 105 F2.5. I'm eyeing up an old 28 F2 too as well as a 180mm F2.8. I used them mounted on my D800E and D600.

Optical performance would be important, though I don't really care if the relevant lens is soft wide open if its sharp at about F4-5.6. The key to me is the render and the quality of the images at screen size.

Are there any others people would recommend (or others from other brands that fit my description above)?



For the 180mm you might consider the AF-D version that is still in the catalogue.  I think the optics are the same and the build quality and manual focus is (nearly) as good as the AIS version.  But at 180mm you might find autofocus useful.

Either way, the 180mm 2.8 is a lovely lens.

24mm 2.8 is not a bad small w/a lens

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