A3000 versus X-A1, E-PL5/GX1 ?

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Re: correction: Panasonic GX1 (discontinued), should add Canon T3 (lowest line)

007peter wrote:

Good list, but I some correction should be made

1. removed Panasonic GX1 since it is "officially" a discounted camera

2. removed Canon SL1, not entry-level, as canon still listed T3 as the bottom entry

3. add teh $449 Canon T3 for several obvious reasons:

It is the "official" canon entry-level-dslr for canon. You can verify it here

  • both camera are severely cut-down in feature to squeeze into a price point
  • Like A3000, T3 lack OVF/LCD auto-switch, must do it manually
  • Like A3000, T3 use a low-resoluton 230,000 LCD (from 4yrs ago)
  • Like A3000, T3 has the smallest viewfinder of entire canon line-up

I think Sony created A3000 with Canon T3 in mind, everything Low-End spec on A3000 match & exceed T3, but doesn't approach that of SL1.

Eitherway, Sony single handily makes Canon T3 and Nikon D3100 (still selling) look expensive & dated.

Ironically, the strongest competitor to Sony A3000 is sony's own NEX 3N.


Worth mentioning is that the launch price for the T3 was $599, two years ago.  It is outdated and Canon really has no modern, competitive DSLR near the $399 kit price of the ILCE-A3000.

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