Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

I just want to interject that I believe that Nikon initiated the Nikon 1 series with the knowledge that it would evolve into a higher iso systems just as APS-C has, only a couple of stops behind the curve. For many photographers, the tradeoffs are acceptable. Sony's thinking appears to be similar.

What is not acceptable for existing Nikon DSLR owners is the lack of continuity in accessories, i.e., lack of CLS as an example, and lack of equivalent controls and placements on the V models. The problem today is that Nikon mis-priced the line such that there are too many V2's in inventory, so even if a V3 is the plans and mitigates some of the existing limitations, the delay will certainly cause some to abandon the 1 series, albeit a lot of us will be looking for V2 deals. This would be a good time for Nikon to send a message of future support for bodies and lenses.

With regard to the Coolpix P7800 which is quite a nice compact, it would have been much more capable with a 1" sensor, albeit it would have required much more engineering and manufacturing efforts that the current update.

Which brings up the Sony QX models. I have a preorder for the QX100, and as much as it is limited in its capabilities, it may be a disruption that will allow smartphone users to get a big bump in IQ at a fairly low cost, cutting into the market of the P7800 and G16. The point of this is that Nikon should be thinking outside the box and getting ahead of the curve.

I certainly agree with Thom on this.

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