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The lenses you mentioned in your original post are basically what I just recently bought within the past month. Mine are the 28 2.8, 50 1.2, 105 2.5, and 180 2.8, all AiS. It is taking some adjustment to manually focus but if you have a full frame camera (I use the D700 and D800) focusing isn't as hard to manage as I thought it would be. The little round dot is the viewfinder is pretty useless for my purposes but sharp (or at this point "sharpish") images can be had by focusing by eye.

The most difficult lens for me is the 180. I don't know why but that is the case. It feels ungainly on the camera and holding it comfortably is an adjustment. The 105 is a wonderful lens and renders colorful and sharp images and at this point is my favorite. The 50 1.2 is a steeper learning curve and the 28 has not gotten much use as yet.

I chose the 28 2.8 rather than the 28 2 because it was said to be a flatter field and is said to produce sharper images throughout its aperture range. Time will tell. By the way, you are probably aware of Bjørn Rørslett's webpage ( which is a good resource for information about these lenses.

I bought these for the some of the same reasons you noted, the pleasure of going back to old way of taking pictures. Furthermore, I want to do some video and wanted a good range of focal lengths. The 50 1.2 is the best built of the bunch but the 28 is good too. The 105 and 180 seem less so but all of them are marvels of engineering art.

I will curious as to your reactions (as well as others on this forum). For me it is a brave new world (or renewed world as I started out with manual focus) and I hope you share the excitement I feel using such lenses.

Good luck.

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