D5100 - can you over-ride the auto-ISO?

Started Sep 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
bper Regular Member • Posts: 204
Re: D5100 - can you over-ride the auto-ISO?

I have only had the D5100 for about a month, so am not an expert on it yet. But I might suggest leaving your shooting menu set to ISO sensitivity settings as your last setting. That way, when you push the MENU button it comes to the ISO screen settings. Pressing the <i> button does not allow you to turn off auto ISO (bummer), although you can change the ISO speed there.

I leave my MENU on HDR, so I can change it quickly when needed. My Fn button is set on release mode as I use the infrared remote a lot on a tripod (D5100 has dual receivers, neat) and it times out after 15 mins, so I can quickly reset it to remote release - bper

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