Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom who?

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Thom makes some good points, but should get back to talking about photography and equipment, on which he is an absolute expert.

His market assessments always smack of someone who thinks they should be more important than they are with the major camera manufacturers.

The same can be said of "Major Camera Manufacturers" who think they know better than their consumers and therefore they don't listen to them. Thom has his pulse on consumers, he directly answers e-mails from readers, he runs several training seminars and workshops per year, show me one Nikon executive who does the same with his customers? Advantage Thom.

Are you comparing a guy who runs a website to an executive from a company?

Yes, and he is not just 'A Guy", he's a photographer with over two decades of experience and he has tested and used just about every piece of Nikon gear that has been created in the past 20-years; I dare you to find one Nikon executive who has done the same.

And his experience and expertise isn't limited to Nikon's products. He shoots with a wide variety of camera brands including Canon's DSLRs and advanced P&S cameras and has also written reviews and guides for several Fuji DSLRs. Thom has written that he had originally intended to also write guides for Canon's DSLRs but was (if I recall correctly) discouraged by publishing insiders who told him that Nikon DSLR owners were much more likely to be tech. oriented and buy guides as opposed to Canon DSLR owners that wouldn't.

But you're trying to convince a guy that apparently loathes Thom, and he's probably well aware that Thom isn't just "a guy who runs a website", a guy that has a resume that Dave could only dream of, when he isn't seeing it as a nightmare. He has done more than just hosting workshops, photo safaris and expeditions :

It's well known and established.

Thom Hogan's resume reads like a random walk, albeit an interesting one. Author of over two dozen books (see right column) that combined have sold over a million copies worldwide, Thom also had a career at the forefront of a number of high tech startups. That's included companies that:

  • Created the first mass-produced portable computer (Osborne Computer; Thom was Director of Software).
  • Developed the first complete pen-based operating system built entirely from scratch and completely object-oriented to its core (GO's Penpoint; Thom was Senior Evangelist).
  • Designed the first consumer digital camera (QuickCam; Thom was Business Unit Manager).
  • Developed the first table publishing program (Tycho TableMaker; Thom was the founder and product designer, and headed up marketing and sales).

Along the way, Thom has been a professional symphony musician (Spokane Symphony), a television director/producer (KWSU, KTIU), a filmmaker, a university instructor (filmmaking and television production at Indiana University), the lead editor of several publications (including Infoworld), and even worked on a feature film ("The George Dunlap Tape," which eventually became "Brainstorm").


Thom can blather on all he likes.....companies do listen to their customers....not Thom.

Really? Take the pepsi challenge, send an e-mail to Thom and then send an E-Mail to Tokyo attn VP of product development, let's see who answers your e-mail first.

He won't, he's too busy blathering. BTW, Nikon doesn't listen to too many people, customers or otherwise, but Nikon does listen to Thom, who traveled to Japan and got Nikon to reverse the harmful effects of its Hot Pixel Suppression firmware update and really bent some ears with this

Your observation is right on the money.

Thom Hogan had a dream come true recently. After complaining bitterly for many years that Nikon was not listening to him (or anybody else as the matter of fact), he was invited to Japan for some chat.

See his webpage: The Backlash, 6th paragraph. In his comment dated April 5, 2010 he said:

"A couple of weeks ago I gave a presentation to Nikon executives and designers in Japan. One of the things I based my presentation on was that DSLR sales have peaked and that market growth will never return to the levels we've seen, if growth returns at all...."

This seems to be all, if there is anything else, I missed it. So Nikon did listen to him after all. Impossible mission accomplished. Congratulations Thom!

Right on.

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