Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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anthony mazzeri
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Re: Sorry Dave, Sunny's right ...

Jim F wrote:

SunnyFlorida wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote: Thom can blather on all he likes.....companies do listen to their customers....not Thom.

Really? Take the pepsi challenge, send an e-mail to Thom and then send an E-Mail to Tokyo attn VP of product development, let's see who answers your e-mail first.

Dave: These camera customers DO NOT listen to their customers, otherwise we'd not be complaining 'ad nauseam' about the dumb things they do and don't do. Just think, if they did listen to their customers; there would be no DPReview forum on which to post all of these silly arguments and lousy pictures of house cats. So, I agree 100% with Sunny on this one.

I was in full agreement with you up until the dissing of cat pics part. There's absolutely no need to be nasty and personally denigrating myself and/or others' abilities just to make your point about corporate customer relations.

Anyway, back to the discussion, if Dave is right then why can't I mount my SB-800 on any Nikon 1 camera?

I've been asking that for two years now since the V1 specs were announced and will likely still be asking after the V3 announcement. But according to Dave, why do I even need to ask? They should know it's what I want/need if they do indeed listen to their customers as he claims.

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