Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

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Re: Hogan takes no prisioners either...

joeybob wrote:

The above link is a broader brush (lambasting IMHO) and although I may not agree with everything he says 100%, I can see his points pretty clearly.

Where some have indicated that KR sounded "drunk" or "trollish" Hogan sounds sober and concise to me. His points are clear and his criticisms seem pretty spot on. The things he left out in his scathing article was the apparent drop in the quality of Nikon's customer service and the pullback of consumer replaceable parts.

I tend to disagree - I think Hogan's points are somewhat reckless. It's an age old, short-sighted, "scorned fanboy" rant that echos the tripe I've been hearing for 40 years.

Every time one of the other makers came out with something new or innovative, people predicted the downfall of Nikon. Did they have the first SLR? First auto-focus? First DSLR? First VR to market?

So what is the value of being first to market? The answer to that is not simple.

My biggest criticism of Nikon isn't in their product strategy - I really don't care. I could just as easily own a Fuji if Nikon disappeared. I'm mostly critical of their customer care center. In my limited experience and from others, they can be terribly short and rude when you call in. That's not something that should be excused.

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