An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why

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Re: An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why

ryanshoots wrote:

Corpy2 wrote:

Ok, back to the EM1. It's bigger. Why? If I want a camera approaching a Canon APC camera, I'll buy a Canon APC camera. Or maybe that cute little $800 Canon that takes regular Canon lenses (oh yes, I remember the 70-200f4 IS-- very few m43 lenses approach the IQ of that lens). Fail.

I think it's a bit bigger to accommodate mounting the larger 4/3 lenses. AFAIK, the body is smaller than the smallest Canon APS. Now start putting lenses on it. The problem with APS-C is the the good glass in many cases is not much smaller than simply going FF. In fact the 70-200 you mention is FF glass. Yes it works on APS-C, but it covers a FF sensor so you get to tote a bit more weight you aren't using.

The smallest Canon bodies are also the most feature crippled, unsealed, plasticky, and so on. In the APS-C line of canon the only body that compares even slightly build wise is the 7D. So take the 7D and the 70-200 and tell me how it's not much larger than the EM1 would be.

m4/3 is a sweet spot. The sensor is large enough for good IQ and yet small enough to have lenses that are significantly smaller and lighter than FF. APS-C is an odd ball. Small enough to to perform as well as FF, but with glass that's almost as heavy.

EM1 + 12-40 is 1 lb 15 oz aka 879 grams

Canon 70D + 17-55 is 3 lbs 1 oz or 1390 grams

Canon 7D + 1755 is 3 lbs 3 oz or 1465 grams

Canon 5d3 + 24-70 4 lbs 3 oz or 1900 grams

Build wise the EM1 appears as good as the 5d3 and probably better than the 7D, and 70D and streets ahead of the Rebel SL1 which weighs in at 2 lbs 14 oz or 1320 grams with the 24-70.

Yes the APS-C is very slightly better IQ than the 4/3 sensor, but the FF sensor is a lot better than both of them. To me, m43 or FF make sense. APS-C does not make sense. It's not enough better IQ wise for the weight hit. The only arguments in favor of APS-C is the glass which as m4/3 is still maturing on that front or the better AF for things really demanding it.

As a general rule of thumb from my perspective:

FF weight = 1

APS-C weight = .75(FF)

m4/3 weight =.5(FF)

APS-C IQ is probably 85% of FF and m4/3 is probably 80% of FF.

Why am I looking at the EM1?  I'm shooting full frame and looking at the EM1 because I want a lighter travel kit. I also want the look of an even bigger format than FF, so for me a nice carry-able system such as m4/3 that has decent IQ would probably meet my digital needs. The need for a larger format system will probably be met by a 4/5 view camera. For me, APS-C is no mans land.

One disagreement from me, I don't know how good the 70D is, but the E-M5 is already at least slightly better than the 7D, let alone the E-M1 which supposedly is a little bit better than the E-M5.

So I don't know that saying the Cannon APS-c sensors are better than the E-M1 is true. Now saying the new Nikon APS-c are still better by a small amount very well might be true.

Otherwise, yeah, I agree with what you are saying.

The C-AF on m4/3 is vastly improved. The S-AF on m4/3 may be only slightly improved or not at all. The S-AF is already pretty good on the m4/3 cameras, but from the couple of quick unboxing/focus test videos I have seen of the E-M1, the S-AF seems slightly faster on m4/3 lenses.

The IBIS is significantly improved over the already awesome IBIS in the E-M5.

The EVF is significantly better.

Other various improvements.

Just on the basis of the various improvements, the E-M1 sounds like a $1,400 camera over the $900 of the E-M5 honestly.

However ,the E-M1 is not a replacement for the E-M5. It is Olympus pro m4/3 camera and I think it succeeds in that way. It certain sounds like it from all of the reviews.

I expect the E-M5 replacement is probably going to get a lot of what the E-M1 has, minus some of the "Pro" features, like the flash synch port, mic port, better weather sealing, built in grip, extra buttons/controls and a few other things. I suspect it'll get the faster shutter, better EVF it might even get the exact same sensor with PDAF (or the PDAF might be disabled depending on how Olympus wants to differentiate products, but I hope they don't. I'd LOVE reliable and good C-AF thank you very much).

Rumors are pointing toward a Winter announcement for the E-M5 replacement. It would also make a certain amount of sense. Winter would mark 2 years since the E-M5 was announced and likely Olympus wants to start saving the best and newest technology for their flagship pro m4/3 camera, the E-M1 (and whatever its future breathren will be called).

So I can see the pro OM-D camera announced and 4-8 months later the follow up prosumer OM-D camera announced, minus a few of the pro features, but otherwise with most of the basics there. Maybe at the same time as the prosumer OM-D, the entry level OM-D also gets announced...which is maybe a stripped down version of last year's prosumer OM-D possibly with a couple of updates.

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