DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

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Re: DA 55-300 vs DA* 300 f4

veroman wrote:

awaldram wrote:

... My own opinion is in line with Rons the da*300 is one of the best 300mm prime lens ever made, The 55-300 is a run of the mill consumer zoom and behaves as such.

I would not call it "run of the mill." My copy says that it represents real value at its price point. Noisy? Yes. Hunting? Sometimes. Sharp? Yes, up to 200mm, then gradually goes downhill ... but still acceptably sharp for snapshot purposes. For serious work? Yes, up to 200mm.

I'd apply "run of the mill" to Sigma's 70-300 cheapies, Canon's 75-300 cheapies and a few Tamrons at the low end.

CA better than Tamron but worse than Sigma Apo

Look Ma Purple shadows

Sharper than Sigma Apo but not as sharp as Tamron

But considering that the 55-300 is less than $400 (and even cheaper if you get the DA L version with plastic mount)

Tamron 70-300 £99

Sigma 70-300 APO £150

Pentax 55-300 DA-L £190

Pentax 55-300 DA £300

and the 300mm f/4 is about $1,400 dollars, I'd say that the 55-300 delivers value ... IF you get a good copy. The posts here suggest to me that there are inferior copies out there. The post that shows the telephone pole comparison doesn't at all reflect what I get from my 55-300.

That is one of the issues with consumer lens 'variability' hence my calling it 'run of the mill'

Though there are many supporters of this lens just as there are the 16-45 neither show anything special to me, Competent yes special no.

Interesting there was no comment on Deans' comparison images for 15 hours.

Maybe most 55-300 owners don't examine/print their images above web sized ?

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To be fair here is a grab shot with the da*300, High contrast and full sized so find the uncorrected optical flaws ?

Should be easy in this hi key image unless that extra $1000 buys you something worth having ?

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