How many still shoot film?

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Where I might still need it

I've not shot with film in several years but I'm looking at all the Fuji Provia in my freezer and the F100 on my desk and thinking I need to do something with it.

The thing is, though, digital is really quite a good replacement for slide, especially the way Nikon have implemented it.  Good shadow detail, generally good rewards for slight underexposure (Kodachrome 64 was especially like this, the Fuji stuff does this too but to a lesser extent), and highlights that have to be watched carefully.

Negative film is a completely different beast.  Expose more for the shadows and the highlights will still generally take care of themselves.  This is what most digital cameras fall flat on their face over -- so it isn't just the fact that black-and-white negative is easier to process that keeps it selling, but properties it has that most digital sensors don't.  Color negative the same deal, but not as easy to process.

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