Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: Blurry images. Need your advice. - Fairly critical views...

Just my tuppenneys' worth but cant really comment on sharpness of images without scrutinizing the original...though one thing I can see is that the greys and whites are flaring somewhat...

A couple of other things I noted as well but I am going to be fairly critical:

Safety equipment - is the correct use of safety equipment whilst using this machinery being promoted. Yes I get the fact you have a 'glamorous' lifestyle shoot, but it doesn't work for me, and the companies over here (uk) are pretty hot on promoting their own safety equipment, and safe use of machines. Correct footware etc....I think its ok if these images show the item clearly not in use, but these pictures appear to show the machines in use.

Product enhancement - Yes sex sells but do these images enhance the image of the product? I have just completed some shots for the US market for Genie Terex, and one of the selling points I used to get the contract was the fact that I understood that the pictures were being commissioned to enhance the product, not just show it. Yes this could be done in a lifestyle shoot in your case but for me your images don't work - what are they saying? One quick idea would be a hunky man using the machinery and an attractive lady relaxing with glass of wine/similar sunbathing... aspirational image for both parties (of course this could be reversed etc), but has to be well lit. to draw your attention to the machine.

Photographic equipment - I used Pentax for all my work, until earlier this year, I did have a few problems though. The usual SDM failures and hit and miss AF but hey I decided that MF was the way forward and never looked back, both my flashguns have been in twice for repair, My K5 had a strange problem that gave me a double image when zoomed to near 100% I thought this was a focus issue but this was repaired. My biggest issue is the taking away of Tethered shooting, as a mac user I dont want to have to mess around to get PkTether working. And Eye-fi cards dont offer full tethered shooting, and are hit and miss. So I am selling most of my Pentax gear, but keeping my k01's (an ir and normally aspirated one) and bought a full set of ltd lenses for my day to day use. I now have the D800e, and  a few lenses which i can report to be great for my work use, but too heavy for day to day. Why are they good - they add theatre for the client, seeing the images straight away on the computer/ipad etc I can explain to them exactly what I am doing. Makes my job easier, I can shoot tethered and dont need to be near the camera if its in a dangerous place say in a quarry blast zone, or on a pole 30' in the air. Customer service, Pentax is woeful, every time I've sent gear off it has been gone for at least 4 weeks and I have had to chase it up, this is no good for working gear! My friend had an issue with a Nikon lens and was returned 1 week after him sending it off to be repaired, with emails stating the progress of repair.

Hopefully you will find tis useful and more constructive than critical.


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