Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom who?

Photo Pete wrote

Thom makes some good points, but should get back to talking about photography and equipment, on which he is an absolute expert.

His market assessments always smack of someone who thinks they should be more important than they are with the major camera manufacturers.

The same can be said of "Major Camera Manufacturers" who think they know better than their consumers and therefore they don't listen to them. Thom has his pulse on consumers, he directly answers e-mails from readers, he runs several training seminars and workshops per year, show me one Nikon executive who does the same with his customers? Advantage Thom.

I believe Thom presented some ideas to Nikon a few years back, but has lost his 'special relationship' with them since. Thom also used to post on DPReview regularly but opted out after a suspected disagreement.

That's so unusual, there's usually no disagreements in DPreview, members can express their opinions freely without fear of being attacked, called a troll or secret undercover communist infiltrator double agent

It is a shame his ego seems to get in the way occasionally... he is one of the most imformative reviewers out there and a true expert.
Have Fun
Photo Pete

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