WMDs: From Iraq to Syria and back

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Re: WMDs: From Iraq to Syria and back

LeRentier wrote:

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LeRentier wrote:

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LeRentier wrote:

Your link points to a Israeli newspaper which cites "a Lebanese" paper without further detail and no supporting evidence whatsoever.
Kev could have written the article, it's full of unfounded assertions but they serve the purpose, make the current Syrian regime as black as possible.
Slander is a marvellous tool, tell six lies and one unrelated truth and people like you gobble it without asking further questions.

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veni vidi vomi

I hope you realize that you are an anti-Semite and we don't like your kinds of people very much at all.

Wow, that really scares me. I'm cleaning my weapons right now, just in case. .

Are you allowed to carry weapons in France?

You want to know if it is safer to shoot me in the street ? Give it a try . .

Why would I want to do that? this forum would be boring without you.

France is like all other countries, there are laws and regulations, including for weapons.

I just thought that by weapons you mean a white flag. 

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