Bad lens?

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Re: Bad lens?

ribac wrote:

Hello ,

I have a Nikon D50 which came along with 18-55 basic kit lens.

Now I have a problem with him, the lens is trying to focus but withou result.

My question is If does have any sense to repir the lens or better choice would be to buy a new one.

If to buy a new one could you recommend some lens for hobbyist, mainly taking shots of my kids?

I would appreciate it.

Thank you



I assume that you have:

The lens proberly attached to the camera, meaning the contacts cleaned and the Mount "in click".

That the AF/M switches on both lens and camera is set to AF - (and that the lenscap is off).

You say, that it is trying to focus - I assume then, that you can hear or see, that the motor is running. So, how du you determine, that it is the lens, and not the camera, that has an issue??

Have you tried the lens on another camera - have you tried another lens on the D50??

And no - the 18-55 is that cheap, that I don't think it is reasonable to get it repaired. Neither do I think, that the D50 is enough valuable (in Price) to get repaired.

Lens recammandation - thats hard, but  if the 18-55 had done for you, then it might be that. An 18-105 gives you a quite more tele-options, but if it is no more than you mentioned, I think 90% of your Work is between 24 and 50 mm.


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