Any FZ70/72 vs FZ200 comparative samples?

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Re: Any FZ70/72 vs FZ200 comparative samples?

In addition to comparing both cameras at base ISO (to simulate the photography of static subjects, or slow moving subjects basking in an excess of light) you'll also want to compare the FZ200@100 ISO to the FZ70@400 ISO to get an idea of the IQ differences you'll see in a greater range of shooting conditions.

To put it another way, any minor IQ differences at base ISO are bound to be near insignificant compared to the difference between a shot made at ISO 100 and one made at ISO 400.

Comparisons between the FZ200 and other superzooms don't make sense otherwise (unless you don't care about the benefits of a fast lens, but then why even consider a camera that sacrifices reach for speed?).

As an addendum, I've come to adore the way the FZ200 can throw a background so completely out of focus thereby further accentuating the crispness of a subject.  I think it's beautiful, and while this beauty might not strictly translate into superior IQ in any objective sense, it is nonetheless another example of how big of a part the lens can play in the equation.

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