Apple should buy Nikon's consumer/prosumer DSLR business

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Re: No. We don't need a patent war in Camera technology.

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

Basalite wrote:

Is this a sick joke?

1) By post processing you really mean horribly clichéd filter effects for the hipsters? These people are not interested in post processing when every single photo is a sepia toned vignette. Conclusion: Disqualified argument.

Apple is doing things with its cameras that don't even exist in the most expensive dedicated camera systems. Their two colored LED flash that can changed color by varying the intensity of each color to compensate for varying lighting conditions is a perfect example.

Real world use?

What did you think I was referring to?

You're hyping over one hell of a gimmicky product development that hasn't even been released...

It's not the colour tones that kill a cheap camera phone flash, it's the fact that it's shot parallel to the lens. I won't comment on the obvious output limitations either...

White light can be colour balanced, coloured light... not so much and you are letting an algorithm decide for you what looks good.

You don't understand how current flash systems work and how Apple's new flash system works.

As for letting "an algorithm decide for you," you do use AF, do you not?

2 & 3) Apple doesn't have the clientele you speak of. Apple's market share are for people who want simple choices, simple GUI's and streamlined products. ILC cameras are not simple products no matter what you do there is always in depth knowledge required for lens selection etc. Conclusion: Disqualified argument.

What are "ILC cameras?"

Typo of ICL = interchangeable lens camera.

Thanks, but too many people assume that everyone else is going to understand acronyms they are used to.

4) I don't understand what point you are making with this observation

5) This just doesn't make any sense that Apple need a camera to sell computer hardware & software. Such an idea is downright ridiculous.

6) Contentious. I think Apple's "engineering talent" is overhyped.

Have you ever seen the inside of most of Apple's products? Open a Mac mini or a MacBook Air, for example, and you would have to be delusional or in denial to think they do fantastic engineering.

Fantastic engineering? What do you propose is fantastic other than the fact that apple makes stuff that is shiny?

Nothing much "shiny" about a MacBook Air and a Mac mini considering they are made of annodized alluminim.

I already gave you some examples.

Take a macbook air for instance... it's no marvel, it's just a machine that's been cannibalised for thinness and low weight

So no engineering goes into making something small?

They use proprietary screws, which means you cannot use a standard screwdriver...that is what I call universal engineering stupidity, I wonder are the screw threads anti clockwise too ? .

LOL. You can buy pentalobe screwdrivers online for a couple of bucks.

They solder ram, thus destroying any modular capability on the OEM front or USER front.

No, they solder RAM on a couple of models of MacBooks and those are the ones that are the thinnest, the same as many other ultrabooks. If paying extra to maxmize the amount of RAM from the start in exchange for a thinner and lighter computer is too much of a burden for you then such laptops are not for you.

So... they've got back to 40's methods in that department.

The "40's?" Huh? As far as I know such products didn't exist back then. Besides, things back in the 40's were designed much more so to be repaired or user serviced especially considering the size of the components involved so I don't know where you are trying to go with such a comparison.

Great "progress" of course and fits into their corporate paradigm in making people buy new machines instead of modular upgrading.

Fact is, most people will never upgrade their computers before buying another.

The speakers? Cheap, low output compromised components.

If you say so, though I'm not sure what kind of sound you are expecting from super slim, small and lightweight devices. My iPad 4, for example,  sounds great, and loud, for its very tiny single speaker.

Battery life? Whats that!

Apple has the best battery life in large tablets and small tablets and so far in ultrabooks. Some people are getting up to 14 hours with a 13" MacBook Air! I consistently get 11.5 hours from normal use on my iPad and quite a bit longer if I'm just watching videos. That's what battery life is.

7) Apple knows how to Market mass market products to people. You are asking them to market niche stuff to the mainstream... not so great an idea to be honest. Steve Jobs saved the company from doom; because he cut out ALL of their nichey stuff. You are suggesting Apple get involved with a niche market and try to convert it into the mainstream... its not a very good idea.

The Nikon 1 example.... is honestly appalling. It's not the marketing that's a failure, it's the product itself. Remind me which failure of a product apple has successfully marketed?

The other issue is that Apple is an anti-competitive company that prefers lawsuits to innovation. I don't want them in the camera market because it could spell release injunctions on other camera makers given Apple's general douchebaggery.

While there needs to be some overhaul of the patent systems around the world Samsung deserved most of the lawsuits taken against them. They clearly went out of their way to copy Apple at one time. That's not "innovation!" Only an irrational Apple hater would think otherwise.

I agree with your number 5. Apple is doing just fine with its camera development.

Apple are the #1 patent trolls, period. They proliferate the patent wars more than any other company.

Nonsense. By definition Apple is not a "patent troll." A "patent troll" doesn't produce anything.

They took out a patent for a round cornered rectange ....


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