The Land of Mass Shooting has made more victims.

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Re: Russian ridicules US over Navy Yard shooting

EnergyBill wrote:

You're so full of sh!t it stinks, there are over 300,000,000 people in the U.S., they are a true cross section of humanity, there are no more nuts or intellectuals or anything any different than any other country except there are a lot of them Every incident gets blown out of proportion by the so called Media, these jerks are not journalists, they are sensationalist so every article is as bad as the "Keyhole" reporter. Guns are not and never have been a problem

Well there's one of your biggest problems, your head in the sand attitude or in your case head in the jungle.

Now secondly, you are not an America,

Not an America ffs

what we do or don't do is absolutely none of your fvcking business,

Unfortunately what you lunatics do IS our fcucking business, because you lunatics keep sticking your nose in our fcucking business

If we wipe our @sses with one hand and eat out of the other there agains it's none of YOUR business and none of ours for those that do. We are a live and let live society,

That's the funniest thing you have ever said or ever will. Live and let live! if ONLY.

if you have a comment about something that doesn'rt concern you, you are a troublemaker and a buzy body. Take care of your own dirty laundry and let EVERY other country take care of theirs, IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

Now if only America would follow your advise jungle boy, you would never invade another country EVER 

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Kind Regards
Dennis P O'Neil APSNZ
"People are dying to live in America"

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