How many still shoot film?

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Re: How many still shoot film?

mlewan wrote:

t.c. marino wrote:

nikon f100 user checking in,just shot a roll of kodak ektar 100 color negative not too long ago for a personal project...FANTASTIC COLORS right out the box and very sharp.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what does "colors right out the box" mean with film? I know it is difficult to define "out of the box" with digital, as so much depends on the RAW converter and its default settings. I thought it was even more arbitrary with film development?

It is, especially since the exposure could be influenced by the processor. That said, the film does have a way of providing you with eye popping colors. Especially if correctly exposed. I suppose that's what the OP means as I believe the statement is figurative rather than literal.

But I'm not him/her so I'm sure they'll provide a better answer to your question since they made the statement. Having shot some of the film myself a few years back, I get their meaning.

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