Which do you find is the best way to improve your photography skill?

Started Sep 17, 2013 | Polls thread
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Which do you find is the best way to improve your photography skill?

I'm sure everyone can share of how they have improved in their photography over the years, whether by constantly sharing them and getting criticism or simply just practising a lot. I'm just kinda curious what people think is their most crucial thing that has allowed them to 'blossom' into the subjectively better photographer that they are.

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Posting on forums for CC, getting 'expert' opinions on it etcetc
4.8% 3  votes
Shooting copiously, bringing out the camera for every single imaginable moment
33.9% 21  votes
Drawing inspiration and being influenced by a certain style of photos/deemed to be better photos
16.1% 10  votes
Hitting a plateau, then revisiting and being critical and evaluative of own photos, possibly reinventing (yourself)
14.5% 9  votes
Buying better gear (and thus having more to work with and improve)
3.2% 2  votes
Largely ignoring opinions of others, sticking and perfecting a certain flair or quirk of your photos
8.1% 5  votes
Others (feel free to share)
19.4% 12  votes
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