FCAS Revisited (isolation macro photography)

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Re: That's what I want!

Uncle Frank wrote:

The decoder ring is within reach, Mike, but the Application
Committee is composed of old fogies, and they are grumbling that
your submission is too small to be properly evaluated. How about a
larger version?

Here y' go. Twice the size.

The fcb isolation technique isn't just for florals.

So, how about a nice knife? (I'm cutting back on flowers for now, anyhow, waiting for more to bloom, and hoping that the wind will die down a bit as it gets warmer.)

How about
submitting an fcb pic of your granddaughter instead of that prickly
poppie. The jury is very strict about flower macros, but are
suckers when it comes to pics of little girls :-).

At 16, I'm afraid she's no longer a little girl--and isn't willing to pose for the world.

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Mike Wright
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