Which would you pick - E-M5 + 14mm 2.5 or GX1/LVF2 + 17mm 1.8 ?

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Re: Which would you pick - E-M5 + 14mm 2.5 or GX1/LVF2 + 17mm 1.8 ?

Jonathan F/2 wrote:

1. I already have the GX1 and the 14 and the 17. I've owned an EM5 in the past, love the camera and agree about all the advantages. Saying that, I've been able to get great shots with the GX1 no problem, but do miss IBIS. The GX1 paired with the 17mm 1.8, I find it good enough to allow me to get close-to-adequate low light performance for all but the most extreme conditions, which the EM5 does excels in. Honestly, I do want to keep under a certain budget, because I own a Nikon FX kit and this is not my priority camera setup.

2. I could shoot with either focal length. 14mm is as wide as I need and 17mm is as tight as I'll go. Either FL works.

3. I like the idea of having two of the same bodies if I go dual GX1 cameras. Shared controls, shared handling and shared image output. Dual EM5s would be over budget, though ideal. As a main camera, the EM5 would be great, but using a GF2 as a secondary camera doesn't sound as appealing. The GX1+17mm would get me close enough to EM5+14mm low light performance, but I'd miss out on the EM5 advantages, mainly IBIS. Though having dual GX1s sounds like a better balance in the field while still giving adequate performance in general use. I could go either way, hence my conundrum!

Definitely could be an advantage in the field to have 2 of the same body (GX1).  Having them set up to operate the same would be convenient, as well as being able to share batteries.  That would probably be my recommendation, despite the slightly less impressive specs/features as compared to the E-M5.

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