The Land of Mass Shooting has made more victims.

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Re: Being reported as "at least thirteen"

boggis the cat wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

mamallama wrote:

95_9C1 wrote:

quick ... how can we exploit this tragedy ?!

We need to arm everybody who works at the Navy Yard.

Atta girl, now you're thinking.

How about just allowing the police to shoot dead anyone with a gun? Or 'strongly suspected' of having a gun?

You want the police to shoot themselves? Shoot the secret service?

Surely that would achieve the goal of 'personal safety' from your fellow citizens much faster than the assumption that every man, woman, and child should carry firearms with them everywhere.

Beyond the obvious idiocy of you comment, it doesn't even follow your own logic. Citizens out number police by 1000 to 1 (or so), so the police can not possibly shoot everyone with a gun faster than the citizens could. Not from a numbers perspective or from a geographical perspective.

(Of course, the second extreme approach doesn't increase profits for firearms manufacturers -- and that is what the interpretation of the 'second amendment' is all about now.)

Only to idiots like you.

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Rethink your last comment.

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