Hello, I'm coming into the D800 fold. My 1st full-frame DSLR! So excited!

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Re: Hello, I'm coming into the D800 fold. My 1st full-frame DSLR! So excited!

I also just took delivery of a new D800 from a local dealer, after having returned a D600 that had dust issues.  I did the left focus test on my D800 (serial number 30727XX).  I tried to follow Thom Hogan's directions for the test, but just to make sure I did it right, this is what I did.

I printed out 3 optical test targets (with horizontal lines) on letter sized paper and attached them to a blank wall, aligning the targets to left most, center and right most autofocus points.  I used a 50mm 1.8 lens wide open, with an ISO of 100, and shot the targets from about 7 feet away, with the camera leveled and parallel to the wall.  I used a tripod, a cable release and set the camera to a three second exposure delay.  I took 18 raw images--6 at the left most autofocus point (three in live view and three focused through the view finder), 6 at the center, and 6 on the right, having racked the focus to infinity after each shot.  I looked at the images in LR5 and zoomed in on the targets.

The center autofocus point is the best (as you would expect), but, thankfully, no problems with the left most point--no real difference between the LV and view finder focused images and no difference as compared to the right most autofocus point.

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