America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

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Re: America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

Thin_Ice wrote:

I like the combination of the boats racing in front of Alcatraz and the zoomed in frontal view of the cat in the spray of the waves.

For smaller racing dinghies, i try the same: focus on the athlete, the lower part of the mast and the spray of the bow wave. This emphasizes the speed. I use the OMD and the 45mm and try to get real close with the coach boat - not an option at the AC.

The speeds at the AC72's are insane and the amount of money involved is way over the top. I prefer the normal one design dinghies and cats, that are already extremely fast and athletic to sail compared to a 40 ft Yacht.

Here are my 8 and 14 year old grandsons planing on a close reach in their ancient, beat up Laser-II dinghy - a tight crop at 150mm with the P-L 14-150 3.5-5.6. In far northern CA lagoon. Sail trim looks pretty good!


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