Olympus E-P5 vs Panasonic GX7

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imashination wrote:

Im in the same boat but havent tried either camera. In general I tend to prefer the panny menus, handling and styling, but the 5 axis ibis is really putting me on the fence as to which way to go. I wish someone could do a direct comparison on how good the gx7 one works. Im a little disheartened that even panny themselves say that its not as good as the lens OIS. How good is OIS compared to 5 axis I wonder? that might put it in a rough ballpark.

No idea if true or not but folks around here have been saying that Oly IBIS is in general better but for long tele focal lengths, OIS pulls ahead. Mind you, I have personally not read any articles on it. Just that I have seen this being said in these forums a number of times. Assuming this has any truths, then IF Panny believes image stabilization is more useful in long focal lengths then I can see why they would say their 2-axis IS isn't as good as their OIS. But like I said, I have yet to read about this so I really don't know.

If anyone has a link to an article or review, I would love to read it.

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