America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

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Re: America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

Calinature wrote:

This is the original 75-300. I thought that F8 would be a good compromise,

Yes, at 300mm it is the best on this lens. But at 150mm, f/5.6 is just as good and would let you keep ISO lower.

75-300 @150mm

I know, with variable-aperture zoom it is a hassle to keep aperture at what you want while zooming.

with enough sharpness and dynamic range but emphasizing speed as I was hand holding and the boats were very, very far away?

Hand-holding would usually keep the pictures reasonably sharp at 300mm with 2x at 1/1200 even without IBIS, probably 1/200 with Oly IBIS. I have seen you using 1/3200 and 1/4000 which seemed unnecessary excessive to me. Although I did not see the action so might be wrong, but usually the movement I can actually track in the viewfinder can be frozen even at 1/500s, except the extremities (which the boats lack). Just in case 1/1000 should be safe.

I hope my comments do not offend you in any way. I come to the forums to learn (equipment and techniques) and entertain myself, and assume others are too.

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