EM-1 HDR function

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Re: EM-1 HDR function

Vasyl Tsvirkunov wrote:

There is some interesting bit of info in the EM-1 manual. According to the description of HDR on page 59 in addition to HDR1 and HDR2 modes there are 5 bracketed modes as following: 3F 2.0EV, 5F 2.0EV, 7F 2.0EV, 3F 3.0EV, 5F 3.0EV. However, the AE bracketing says that the adjustments can be only 0.3EV, 0.7EV, and 1.0EV, just like on EM-5. The manual does not mention if 7 frames bracket is limited to 0.7EV this time or not.

So, now the question - what exactly is the interpretation of that 5F 3.0EV: 5 frames separated by 3 stops, or by 1.5 stops (+-3), or by 0.75 stops (3 total)? In the first case it would be one of the widest if not the widest available bracketing range on a digital camera. In the last, it's meh. The thing is 7F 2.0EV and 5F 3.0EV in that context kinda suggest the wide separation and six extra stops total. Six stops on the top of already very good dynamic range would make this the best camera for HDR out there (yes, more can be done manually but that's not the point). That said, there are some other factors that may spoil the feature (like EM-5 slightly misbehaving on blues occasionally causing odd sky artifacts).

I would take 5 frames at 3EV to mean -6.0, -3.0, 0, +3.0, +6.0.  Same for 7 frames at 2EV to be -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6.  Max range being -6 to +6.

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