Just bought black GX7 from Canada

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Re: Just bought black GX7 from Canada

Birk Binnard wrote:


They say the ship date will be 17 Sep. I guess time will tell. This is my first purchase from Canada so I'm not sure what will happen with import duty etc. (Hopefully nothing.)

I did like the no tax/no shipping charges and my MasterCard is one with no foreign transaction fee. So assuming the camera arrives Real Soon Now I'll be happy to make the upgrade from my warhorse-like GH1.

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Birk Binnard

Are you sure it's no shipping?  I called them a few weeks ago asking about shipping to the US and they said that a few days prior someone would contact me to setup shipping charges but it should be in the $20-40 range.  Since the. I have canceled my order for the E-M1.

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