Defishing. Which projection do you prefer

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Re: Defishing. Which projection do you prefer

Mjankor wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

I've never bothered owning one.

It always struck me as the kind of lens I would use a few times and then once the novelty wore off I would end up selling it!

Nah, it's one of those lenses that, so long as you remember you've got it, you'll always find nifty uses for it. Of course, if you've got a UWA, then YMMV.

I find that the Nikkor 14-24 on an FX body is almost fishy (I can easily get my feet in shot!) but much much less distorted. Barely distorted at all, in fact, when horizontal.

The Oly 4/3 7-14 seems similar on paper too, if slower, for M4/3 (esp now the EM-1 will focus it faster)

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