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Re: Goodbye to XZ-1

I do not see the purpose of a post comparing a 2011 camera with a contemporary camera in a different price bracket.

Since it was first released the RX100 has been promoted in other brand forums to great excess so you are playing a well worn record.

I can assure you I am not jealous of your having a RX100. Enjoy your camera if it means so much to you.

Everhandy wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

That is amazing. You have replaced your camera released about Jan 2011 with a camera released late 2013 and costing more using current equivalent models and the more recent and expensive model is better. Who would have believed that?

Your video comparison is totally specious as the XZ-1 video was universally acknowledged as bad and is much improved in the equivalent current model which is the proper standard for comparison. I had a XZ-1 and sold it because of the video but it is a bit much hyping the current RX100 on that basis. But I suppose any excuse to plug the RX100 cross forum goes.

Everhandy wrote:

First let me say, I have really enjoyed the XZ-1 since I bought it when it was introduced and it has served me well with some great pictures. I still hold the camera in high regard but now I must part with it.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Sony RX100 and it's been kept in the holster pretty much except for some video work. But today, I took it out, along with the XZ-1 and did a few comparison shots. All I have to say is, wow. The RX100 is so strikingly superior to the XZ-1 in every way that I can no longer carry the XZ-1 knowing I will be seriously compromising in image quality as a result. In addition, the RX100 is that much smaller and I am able to actually stick it in a pocket, something that is difficult with the XZ-1. As far as video goes, well there is no comparison. the RX100 is light years better in video than the XZ-1.

So that's my last Oly to go (just sold the E-PL5) and probably won't be looking for another unless they can come up with an RX100 contender.

I don't understand your post.

Are you jealous?

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