Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

I think Nikon should pitch the Nikon 1 CX-system to three user groups.

One, existing DSLR users who want a weekend or walkabout camera that has the equivalent features and functions of DSLRs but is not bulky and heavy. The mock-up below shows a CX-lens on a Nikon P7700 body with a EVF plonked on top. Incidentally, the V1 and P7700 have near identical dimensions.

The CX-lens on a P7700 body. The ON/OFF switch is a spring-action toggle.

The EVC from the V1 is plonked atop the P7700. Note the dedicated AE-L AE-F button - I like!

Two, for the group upgrading from compact and smartphone cameras, Nikon has the S1, J1, J2 and J3 series cameras to provide them the upgrade path. This family should also have Internet connection function for easy upload of images (in order to compete with smartphone cameras).

Three, since the 1" sensor is renowned for its fast AF and superb metering, there should be a sports and outdoor model. So, maybe a water-proofed model along the Nikonos line but with up-to-date features and controls.

Now, since all three model streams use the same CX-mount system, there will be natural upgrading from one stream to another since the lens share the same mount.

The bottom-line is the CX-system needs to reach critical mass - a continual cycle of new users coming online and existing ones buying new lens or bodies to replace old superseded ones.

Thanks for reading!

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