Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: Blurry images. Need your advice.

JimBim wrote:

Some time ago I did photo shoot for VIKING. My editor told me that there are a lot of blurry pictures. It is not an issue when I'm shooting for fun. Some times I have to take a responsibility for my work and I have to have reliable results. By reading forum I see, that this is a permanent Pentax problem even with new cameras. I use K20 and plenty of time use DA16-45 lens. I do a lot of shooting at dog shows inside. Does any one have an experience for this problem how to solve it? Might be I have to look for this job to N/C and leave my Pentax for a holiday. I'm looking for answer from those who owns N/C cameras in addition to Pentax and doing proffesional job. I read Benjamin Kanarek had the same problem and moved to Nikon.

There you can find some pictures from VIKING photoshoot

In this photo shoot mostly I used these lenses FA50, FA100 Macro

All pictures edited in LR4.


I had 2 K20d bodies with which I shot tens of thousands of images, and I own the 16-45 zoom and the FA50 f1.4 as well. I never had any problems getting sharp images in daylight like yours with either K20 body or those lenses:

You have already received some good advice, but I have not seen anyone mention that you need to make sure that the shake reduction is stabilized before you capture the image.

This means that you have to pay attention to the little green hand picture in your viewfinder. If the little hand is not lit up (green) and steady, then the SR has not stabilized. If the SR is not stabilized, you will get blurring from the sensor moving when you capture the image. It takes a bit of time to stabilize on the K20 and if you take your finger off of the shutter button, it will start over again after a short time and you will have to wait again for it to stabilize.

Otherwise, calibrating your lenses to the body might be in order, but I never had the AF fine adjustment be so far off that it caused consistent blurring, and I own and have owned dozens of lenses, Pentax, Sigma, and Tamron.


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