Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

Jay Paul H wrote:

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anthony mazzeri wrote:

I think his comments about the Nikon 1 have to be taken in context of what he's also saying about all the Coolpix cameras needing to move up to 1" in the face of the phone onslaught. So they really need to decide what exactly what they want to do with the Nikon 1 currently priced higher than the DX DLSRs yet more designed to be aimed at Coolpix buyers.

If all Coolpix compacts become 1" then Nikon needs to decide whether to just ditch the whole notion of Nikon 1 being a separate entity with its own 'pro' and 'P&S' range of models, and instead make it a part of their of overall whole range instead to span the gap between the new 1" Coolpix compacts and entry-level DX DSLRs. Basically, the P7800 with a Nikon 1 mount and sensor - Nikon DSLR owners can move down to it, while Nikon Coolpix owners can move up to it.

So I strongly agree with his point about accessories needing to be cross-compatible across the entire range. Not only would the Nikon 1 appeal more to DSLR owners if they could use their CLS system on it, but it works the other way around too - users new to Nikon buying into Nikon 1 and accessories would more likely move up to a Nikon DSLR later because they already have their Nikon flash and remote and so on.

You don't want dlsr customers moving down to the Nikon 1. They made a huge marketing mistake with the Nikon 1 line.

I disagree. The V series is a perfect companion to a DSLR and should be marketed as such.

1) the j1 should have been sold as a high end compact. It should have been priced much lower.


2) the v1 should have been a dlsr alternative. Take the d7000 price point, smaller camera with EVF, full dlsr like controls, better video, built in wifi, ability to use normal flashes AND cool styling = winning.

I doubt that any camera manufacturer of a DSLR will ever market a "DSLR alternative". That is marketing cannibalism.

Yes, but marketing cannibalism doesn't always deserve its bad rep. Marketing cannibalism is what allowed Apple to survive and thrive. In this case, the N1 system's smaller sensors allow cameras and lenses to be much smaller while remaining compatible with many of Nikon's DX and FX lenses, so as photographers age and aren't able to carry the loads they once did, Nikon can retain some of the photographers that might otherwise have migrated to smaller m4/3 cameras. But the DSLRs won't be completely cannibalized because they aren't going away. They're going to be replaced by smaller, lighter, higher performance mirrorless bodies that will still use large DX and/or FX sensors and which will remain compatible with earlier Nikkors, at least with AF-S Nikkors. I'm not sure that it would be practical or desirable to maintain compatibility with screw drive AF lenses but they could still work very well manually focused if Nikon provides well designed manual focusing assistance in the bodies.

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