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Re: Not a fair comparison

Aaron Sur wrote:

just as a matter of curiosity and if you have the time please could you do a test of of both cameras at 28mm f1.8, possibly on a tripod so there is no question of stabilty shake etc. There are several critical reviews saying the Carl Zeiss branded lens is not upto the 20MP sensor.

From what I have seen and read it boils down to this

XZ-1 great lens let down by small CCD sensor in low light

RX100 great sensor let down by average lens.

The RX100 is cutting edge for incorporating such a large sensor in a tiny body.

My gripes are the Sony ergonomics stuff ups

no click stops on lens control dial

no flash popup button

image magnification on LCD delay

The Sony is a very good camera but to many of us the ND filter and the accessory set make it a far more versatile camera, for you these factors are not an issue and I respect that.

And the night the Sony engineers went to the Yakatori bar got loaded on Asahi beer ( or something stronger) went back to the lab and on the face detect setting added smile, half smile, sulking ,grimace....ok I made the last couple up.

Size aside if you did not want to compromise on image quality I would have hung onto that EPL-5 and got a 17mm1.8 with the 45mm .



Aaron, I actually do have some studio test shots of both the cameras. Not sure if they're at f2.8. I get back with you on that. Will post when I can.

Just briefly and in my humble opinion, of course;

The ero on the RX is very good. Much netter than NEX-5 series for example. That was one of my worries as I had the NEX-5n and it's ergo was horrible.

No clicks on lens ring. Not a negative, believe it or not. I now like it much better than the "toyish" clicky action of the XZ-1 and S100/110. A more silky, quality feel to it. It really works.

No ND is also not a negative with the RX100 because it has a smaller minimum aperture than the XZ-1. Don't really need one. But some must have it so, the XZ-1 trumps the RX100 in that regard.

The E-PL was great. The 17mm is junk. The panny 20mm is better but I also had that one and wasn't overlly impressed either. The good M43 lenses are pricey. An E-PL5 with a lens equivalent to the RX100 lens would be costly, hefty and not that much better in IQ, might as well get a DSLR.

The Carl Zeis lens is incredibly sharp. Perfect lens for that sensor. A well balanced combination.

I can't really knock the XZ-1. It is a great camera. Ahead of it's time really. However, it's lagging behind now in technology.

I will post comps later tonight. thanks.

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