How does it feel to be called useless?

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Re: How does it feel to be called useless?

Well, as an iPhone 5, and a Nikon D700 (as well as Nikon D5000 and Panny LX7) user I can tell you that if I were to take photos in JPG only, I would take the iPhone 5 photo any day over the Nikon picture.

There is just something nice and pleasing about iPhone 5 photos, that my Nikons cannot produce, no matter how accurately you expose, or how you tweak the in-camera settings.  The contrast and color of the iPhone 5 pictures are just right for my taste, and that's achieved without any tweaking, just point and touch/or click - if you prefer to use the side volume buttons as your shutter release.

My Panasonic LX7 does better than the Nikon, and comes close, or even surpasses sometimes my iPhone 5 in terms of color and contrast quality, but I don't carry it with me all the time, while I carry my iPhone with me pretty much anywhere I go.

I'm not talking here about low-light or extreme speed situations of course, just typical day-to-day scenarios in adequate to good light, done spontaneously.

I can certainly squeeze much more from the Nikon (and Panny) RAW files, but that requires postprocessing on my part, which is great, but sometimes I just want good results here and now without the hassle of touching a computer.

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