Defishing. Which projection do you prefer

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Re: Defishing. Which projection do you prefer

duartix wrote:

romullus wrote:

But then i bought fe lens, tried to defish a few photos and get hooked.

When should create a mutual aid group. Perhaps together we can shake this off.
My name is Duarte and I've been a fishaholic since 03/05/2012.

Most of the time i'm using panini projection, although it has some drawbacks. (...) workflow with it is rather complicated. On the positive side it does great job at preserving fov and doesn't smear edges like some other projections do.
You'll have to log to download it. The script will take a folder filled with fisheye images and defish them losslessly to Panini with possibly no interaction (timeout automation for default options).

Thanks, i will look at this.

Whats yours experience with defishing?

It will all depend heavily on the subject/photo but I Panini is definitely my favorite if proper care was taken when taking the photo (basically levels & placement of radials). If you take that care, you might even avoid a lot of defishing.

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