Nikon 50mm f1.2 user experiences?

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Re: Nikon 50mm f1.2 user experiences?

Stilograph wrote:

Hello to all.

I'm considering purchasing this fine lens, but was wondering if you good folks have any experiences on using it for portraits wide open? I've red it's semi-useless because of the lack of contrast at 1.2, but would like to stand corrected. Any samples or such? Horrible user experiences?



I don't have the lens anymore, but I usually chime in when I find a thread abobut it, as I truly loved it. Planning on getting a new one as soon as possible.
Anyway, I don't have many samples I'm keen on sharing, as I took them a couple of years ago and one could say my photography has evolved a bit since then, but this is one picture I still love:

It is difficult to nail focus wide open, but when you do, the lens is sharp enough. As someone else already said, the dof is extremely thin and there is usually some veiling and lack of contrast, which one can easily mistake for softness.

This is not a lens you just strap on the camera and right away get great pictures with. It takes practice. But when you do find that tune, this lens truly sings. Yes.

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