The Land of Mass Shooting has made more victims.

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Re: The Land of Mass Shooting has made more victims.

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At least four people have been killed in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, a naval installation in the US capital, a Navy official has said.

Wow. in the U.S. on any given day there is an average of 27 gun related deaths (omitting suicide).

you want me to get worked up over 4? the truth is that gun fatalities are dropping in the U.S. on average.

Sorry. this story really deserves no more attention than the other 20+ deaths that will happen today due to guns.

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Would it matter if 20 US troops were shot in Afghanistan instead?

11 US soldiers were killed every day in Vietnam.

How come that is enough for the US population to apply pressure to end deployments and shy away from finishing what they started, but 9,000 gun homicides a year is not enough to apply pressure to end gun ownership? (That does no include accidental shootings and suicides).

BTW, it's not falling any more.

Deaths due to war in foreign lands rarely sets well with the U.S. population especially when there is no end plan.... such as in vietnam. or no clear objective such as Afghanistan.

as for those 9000 homicides... a vast majority or criminal on criminal.

In the end, it is proven pretty clearly that it isn't the guns that is the issue, it is guns in the wrong hands that is the issue. Have the trigger finger of anyone possessing an illegal firearm removed. If caught with a fire arm again, have the nuts removed (lowers the testosterone and the propensity to act stupidly).

Guns may not be the issue, but it definitely is an issue.

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