Wealth distribution - ideal

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Wealth distribution - ideal

So when this topic came up a week or so ago, someone posted a link to a video and the video suggested the white line in the image below is the ideal distribution of wealth. It didn't set well with me. It looked all touchy feely liberal blather.

So I ran the numbers. and the numbers that would represent the ideal is essentially stupid meaningless hoey.

So I took the wealth of the US. $55 trillion. and I divided it to match the graph. and then calculated how much this would be per person.

and the results are this.

10 $119,826
20 $131,808
30 $143,791
40 $155,773
50 $167,756
60 $179,739
70 $191,721
80 $209,695
90 $233,660
100 $299,564

so the bottom 10% on average would have each around $120k/each. The top 10% would have on average $300k/each.

Reall??? This is ideal? This is plain stupid.

One, how would the poor (a kid coming right out of college) get $120k?

two, throughout his life at most he would be able to increase his wealth around 3 fold.

Makes absolutely no sense. I graduated college feeling pretty rich with $10k in my pocket. At retirement I am hoping for at least 200 times that amount.

This distribution wouldn't work in any type of economic system, not capitalism, not even communism.

And this dumb head professor is trying to tell us this is the ideal. I fear for people that listen to idiots like this and hold onto their retarded blather.

The current wealth distribution sucks, but this guy that put this together doesn't have a clue as to what make an economy work.

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