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Re: HD CLONE question

Great-- thanks for the input. I expected it work that way but never hurts to get some more input before going down that road.


malch wrote:

Timzee wrote:

I have a notebook with a 320GB HD which has 2 partitions. An OS partition "C" and the main data partition "D". I suspect the HD is getting a bit flakey and would like to clone it to a new 500GB drive. Going to try the Macrium software as I've read a number of favorable comments about it for cloning a HD.

Does the program see both C & D partitions so I end up with all the data on the original 320GB drive on the new 500GB drive with both partitions in place?

Yes. Macrium will allow you to clone the whole drive (including Master Boot Record, C and D).

You also have the option of imaging individual partitions, but cloning the whole drive is what you need at this point.

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