Olympus E-P5 vs Panasonic GX7

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Re: Olympus E-P5 vs Panasonic GX7

sabesh wrote:

I'm curious to know how the GX7 and E-P5 compare with regards to JPG output and high ISO performance.

I'm trying to decide between these 2 bodies. Built-in EVF isn't a factor for me. IQ is.

I checked out pictures from both cameras here:


I prefer the images from the E-P5. The ones from the GX7 appear washed out. Would it be possible to get E-P5 like images from the GX7 by making adjustments as a permanent setup?

ISO 6400 - E-P5 images appear to have more detail. Or, are my eyes deceiving me?


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Tough choice, doing the same but I'll add the  M-5. I want to retire my old '06 Fuji and go M43, much lighter.  I've held the M-5 and it's well built, the camera shop I was in didn't have the E-P5 and the GX-7 isn't due in the store till after Sept.

I've read every review I can find on the internet about the GX-7, PL5 and M-5, everyone has their own opinion. In 46 years of photography I've never owned a weatherproof camera and never had a problem. So that is not important to me, a view finder is.

I'll add, I do own the Olympus XZ-1 as a back up, this is a great little camera, I've been impressed with it's photos.

The GX-7 Imaging Resource pictures to me are more natural with the GX-7, my opinion. And you can always tweak them with software. I always shoot using Jpeg and never above 3200.

I like the GX-7 specs better and the menu is easier to use, this based on what I've read. The choice will be yours, and you can return which ever you do buy within 30 days of purchase (most good shop polices) and get something else?

Or just flip a coin?

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