Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

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Re: Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

My epistle yesterday is that I just don't get how some people will sit around and whine about Nikon doing something wrong, as if there is no other way around the problem…If you think the D600 isn't any good, don't whine about it; vote with your dollars and upgrade to the 6D instead.

If you review the responses to the D600 is people that complain about the dust and other problems. So, Mr. Rockwell is correct that people should stop “whining” and move to another camera.

joneil wrote:

As others have pointed out, his archive of reviews of older lenses is wonderful, but I don't know what is wrong with the man,  but the past few years, everything he writes seems to be along the lines of "this is the absolute best, you've got to get it now!!!"    He almost sounds more like a shrill for camera companies than an independent reviewer.  His more recent posts, IMO, make it very hard to take him seriously anymore.  Why even get worked up about it?

His latest post about Canon vs Nikon comments made me laugh out loud.  he talks about how you will have to buy all new lenses when you move to FX form DX anyhow, so just go Canon.  Um, did he forget a lot of us who use Nikon DX bodies have a lot of older FX lenses to begin with?   Maybe he thinks we are all independently wealthy and can afford a set of new lenses at a drop of a hat?

Back to this fanboy crap of Canon vs Nikon, something that has been raging in photography ever since I got started thirty years ago, I know pros who make a living  - that is - pay the rent and put food on the table - that use either system.  If you are going pro or going serious in any way about photography, in the past thirty years, if you chose or choose  either Nikon or Canon, film and/or digital, you've been okay, both are fine systems, and I suspect in the future either one will serve you very well.

At this specific moment in time, I think the real issue, IMO, with FX cameras is Nikon does not have a real replacement for the D700.   The D800 is a specialty camera, the D600 is for serious amatuers, but the build quality is not suitable for rough professional work.   The D700 was for many pros either an alternative or a backup to the D3.  Nikon likely knows or knew this, so in an effort to get greedy and force all working pros into the D4, they did not bring a direct upgrade to the D700.   For example, the D7000 is an excellent camera, and the D7100 is a fine upgrade to it.  A few new tweaks and upgrades, but basically the same  camera.   But you did not see the same thing with the D700.

The other issue, and maybe it is just me, it almost seems with the D4, Nikon is more and more interested in making a video camera than a still camera.   A DSLR that does video is fine with me, but when I buy a DSLR, I want a still camera first and foremost.   If I want to shoot video, I will buy  a dedicated video camera.  Again, correct me if I am wrong, but that si how I see things.

For what it is worth, the Canon 6D, when you actually hold and use the thing, and see the price, it makes me think "this is what the upgrade to the D700 should of been".

have a good one

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