Now The True Invasion Numbers

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Now The True Invasion Numbers

Dear Fellow Americans:The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) believes the current estimate of upto 11 million aliens now residing illegally in the U.S. is a gross underestimate. The more likely figure is 18

20 million and rising daily.Empirical data collected during processing of 2.7 million persons during the last amnesty establishedthat for every alien estimated to be eligible for amnesty three will actually benefit. Even after thisincredible failure was discovered, Congress negligently failed to demand a methodology be developedto provide them factual information on the number of individuals who enter and remain illegally in theUnited States, obviously a willful oversight. Of more serious concern, twenty seven years after the firstamnesty was granted, Congress continues to refuse to demand aggressive enforcement of existingImmigration laws while passing more to mollify America. The promise to the American public in 1986was a lie.To even contemplate another amnesty without verification of this basic information is malfeasance ingovernance and fraud on its face. Repeating amnesty using these erroneous calculations again in 2013presents the real prospect that the United States will immediately be burdened with 30

33 million newresidents of unknown origin or criminal background. That number will then be followed during the nextten years as at least an additional 33,056,946 new immig

rants are added to America’s population as a

result of passage of S.744. (Estimates published by Numbers USA Education and Research Foundation,April 22, 2013).The United States infrastructure cannot withstand such an extreme addition to that number of peopletaxing our social and criminal justice systems.

We don’t need to import or legalize criminals.

NAFBPO contends that America’s Immigration laws are not broken.

Congress has facilitated them to beignored and/or abused for political expediency to such an extent that we now face a national securityissue involving millions of aliens within our country and others waiting around the world to takeadvantage of our unwillingness to protect our national sovereignty.On October 3, 2010, NAFBPO senior memb

ers collectively produced a document titled “ComprehensiveImmigration Enforcement and Reform “, and delivered it to Congress.

It contains conclusions andrecommendations developed over several millennia of experience in all factions of Immigrationenforcement and services.

It is available to you and your staff as you seek resolutions to America’s

immigration dilemma.Sincerely,Zack TaylorChairmanNational Association of Former Border Patrol Officers,

My question is , Who is the Congress representing ? Why are they lying ? Who pays them ?


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