America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

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Re: America's Cup: OMD E5 and 75-300

Mjankor wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Technically there are some problems. Shutter speed seems too fast, and ISO as a consequence is too high. Stopping down to f/8 in the middle of the range when f/5.6 is perfectly good was unnecessary, as well as f/11 at 300mm. Due to long distance/haze, processing IMO would benefit from some extra contrast.

BTW, was it original 75-300 or 75-300 II?

Well spotted. Good points. OP, next time perhaps try for F6.7 (the 75-300 should be almost exactly the same between f6.7 and f8), 1/1250 and keep ISO low and auto. These are the settings I use for birding, with pretty good results.

Actually, at 300mm stopping down a little to f/8 increases sharpness a bit, and with digital teleconverter (crop) there is not such thing as too much sharpness:

75-300 @300mm

Further stopping down though just degrades the picture, both due to diffraction and higher ISO.

ISO 1000 should be fine usually, unless the subject is fairly small and fine details. I think these boats often qualify.

We are talking about 2x tele sometimes here, meaning ISO1000 as bad as ISO4000 when using full frame when downscaled to the same size.

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